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To help you to understand a litte about meditation and mindfulness you can click the 'Play Button' to listen to the 'Take Three Breaths' exercise or follow the written instructions below:



Sit down, with your feet flat on the floor, close your eyes and relax your body as much as you can. Gently take a deep breath in through your nose, keeping your mouth shut, so that you push your stomach area out, rather than your chest, so that you feel your tummy expanding (like a big balloon!). Once your tummy is full of air continue to inhale so that your chest also full of air – fill your chest so full of air that you can feel it in your collar bone! As you finish inhaling pause for a moment before slowly releasing your breath, taking approximately twice as long to exhale as it took you to inhale, again through your nose.


As you take your second breath start to observe the cool air entering through your nostrils as you inhale. Feel your stomach, followed by your chest, expanding as you draw your breath in and become aware of any effect that it may have had on the rest of your body. Again, pause at the, ‘top of your breath’, for a moment before gently and slowly releasing the air from your body – as you do so feel the warmth of the breath as it leaves your nose.


Repeat the exercise with your third breath, maintain your focus until you have inhaled and exhaled once more. Once you have completed the exercise do not immediately open your eyes – let your breathing fall back to its natural rhythm and then pause for a few moments to notice how you now feel.


You can use this exercise in your work or home environment. We hope that in performing the three breaths exercise that you found a moment of peace or relaxation that was enough for you to continue to explore the practice of meditation. Consciously taking three breaths regularly throughout your day, particularly in moments of stress, will greatly improve your wellbeing and change your life for the better. For more information please call us or use the contact form. Thank you.

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