To create more mindful workplaces, happier teams and a better society by teaching leaders and their employees meditation techniques
Meditation and mindfulness offer the following benefits in the workplace:

​Improved Leadership

  • Keeping control of our emotions, thoughts and feelings. The increased ability to focus has the knock-on effect of helping leaders to prioritise and help their teams to complete the tasks that need to be done.
  • Introducing meditation and mindfulness in the workplace can lead to lower workplace stress, more positive attitudes, better communication, and greater teamwork within your organisation and with your clients. In addition, with improved cognitive abilities and greater organisational awareness, managers will not only become great leaders, but they will become visionaries.


​Improved Teamwork

  • Regular meditation encourages feelings of empathy and acceptance. Meditators can become better team players.


Improved Workplace Attendance

  • Reduced stress reduces absenteeism. Workplace stress has a huge negative impact on productivity. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the office set a little time aside to engage in a practice which helped calm the mind and reduce the power of negative thoughts and emotions?


Improved productivity

  • Increased focus on company goals and objectives. Regular meditation helps train the mind to fully focus on whatever is happening in the present moment. Somebody who meditates regularly will generally find it easier to fully engage with the task in hand and to concentrate better during meetings and presentations. A person who meditates regularly will become more able to recognise when their mind starts to wander, and to bring themselves back to the present.


Clear Communication

  • As a result of the clarity and focus that meditation brings to the workplace

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