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My first meditation experience

I discovered meditation somewhat by accident. During a period of ‘garden leave’, and between jobs, I joined a yoga class run by a friend of my wife. I only attended the class for a few weeks before returning to the daily commute of another job in the City. Shortly after starting my new job I complied to a semi-command from my yoga teacher to attend a meditation class in a village near my home in Cambridgeshire.

What has meditation got to do with the workplace?

In the past meditation has been seen as the preserve of saffron-clad monks and hippies, unsuited for the business world so what has meditation got to do with the workplace?

Why I couldn’t save the Northern White Rhino

AsI write this article there are there are only three Northern White Rhinos left in the world and all these individuals are past reproduction age. Having recently reached the age of 54 years old, I never expected that a large mammal of the scale and majesty of the Northern White Rhino would be allowed to go extinct in my life time. Did I do something wrong? Could I have done more to help? Why couldn’t I save the Northern White Rhino?

How to make yourself happier

To make myself happier and to alleviate the fear and decline of growing older I have simply decided to believe that I am a spirit in a body rather than a biological machine. As a scientist I have no proof that this is the case and I cannot substantiate that I contain any form of spiritual life that persists after my death. However, I do firmly believe that you can improve your level of happiness by joining me in the same belief.

What will happen after the lock down?

As I sit here in Coronavirus Lock-down and reflect, under what seem to the clearest, bluest skies that I have seen in my life-time, I wonder what will happen next?

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