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Peter: I thought it was a good pace/time and he explained everything very clearly. I am a little sceptical of these things but open to giving anything a try. I have actually had some Reiki sessions in my time. looking forward to the future sessions.”


Lisa: “I really like the classes so far. One point I was thinking is that 1 hour might be a bit long but then again it might just take a bit of time to get into the meditation. From my perspective I don't think that Martin should change anything.”


Mazin: Hi Doug. Thanks for arranging. It was really good. The only tough thing for me is the timing. Would prefer later in the day, say 4pm. But I understand that may not suit others.
Regarding Martin and content, it was brilliant. The pace was ideal. The content and explanations really interesting. I got a lot out of the actual meditation during the first session only because I had fewer distractions.
It would be good if I could just switch everything off and concentrate on the session. But that’s difficult at that time of day.”


Mark: Hi Doug, yeah it was good. Looking to do the others sessions if possible. Feedback from my side... Martin's a good teacher and manages/conducts the group meditation well”


Laurence: “Yes I was interested. I joined Headspace via Vitality.  Very similar guided approach, focus on breathing, scan the body, be aware of surrounding environment, noises, keep focus on breathing and bring attention back if the mind wanders.   Only specific additional bit yesterday was breathing into the stomach.  Very useful as I had never tried meditation until this year…still need more practice and listening to different sources will help me work out what works for me”


Brian: “Hello Doug... thanks for the invite I couldn't attend the first session but Simon Bloomfield recommended and so I was keen to take part. I really found the session to be useful and have been more into mindfulness in recent months. The only comment i have was that after the session it was a snap back with a busy afternoon. I know it may not be possible but if the timing was at the end of the day it would be a great way to finish a busy day...appreciate that's a challenge but just a thought.”


Eva: “Hi Doug, oh no worries. It was very useful actually. I was so in the zone that I was startled when he started to talk us out of the meditation.  I am finding his provision of context prior the actual meditation really good. So his overview on happiness etc. on yesterday's session was really good”


Feedback from Bank of Montreal meditation sessions compiled by Doug Blythe



Martin gave a presentation remotely covering the topic 'What has meditation got to do with the workplace' to our Jacobs Glasgow office, which is an engineering consultancy. Around 70 staff members took part or called in to be involved in both the presentation and a short meditation practice.

For presenting the session over Skype, Martin did an excellent job and was enthusiastic to get involved throughout, providing insight and a great overview of what meditation is and how it can be adopted in both the workplace and at home. I received some great feedback from those who took part, and this has lead to further interest in adopting lunchtime meditation sessions in our office to build a better work culture.

We hope to see him back soon!

I would definitely recommend Meditation in the Workplace :)


Christina Sprinks



We had a 6 session course with Meditation in the Workplace and I was incredibly impressed with the outcomes. The sessions provided a great insight into the world of meditation and helped us to develop skills to take forward. I highly recommend them!


Sam Haddadi



Coaching from Martin combined with weekly meditation sessions which I really looked forward to, I can say that this is a really powerful mix.  I learned techniques for improving work relationships, managing change, improving communication, managing expectations and delivering for the business during periods of growth.


Martin has worked at a Senior Level in global organisations and so there is almost nothing he hasn’t seen or come across and guides and coaches you effortlessly through your challenges.  The extra dimension that is really powerful is the underpinning idea that if you are stressed or anxious at work you will not be in a position to make clear, good work decisions or build constructive, collaborative work relationships.This is where the mediation allows you to take a step back from day to day difficulties and challenges and see them more clearly, objectively and without ego. Once you do this, you become less anxious and gain confidence. 


After 6 weeks, I felt more in control of my work contribution, the work relationships that had not felt as positive were much improved and I steered my team through a restructure with many different stakeholders that previously might have been difficult.  I think for any business looking at ways to improve performance through its people, Meditation in the Workplace will play a valuable role.  One final point, is that the skills you learn and practice don’t stop being helpful when you leave the office - you’ve got them for every area of your life.”


Claire Thwaites - Head of Marketing, Allia Cambridge.



"I've been meditating with Meditation in the Workplace for over 12 months now and meditation has become an integral part of my week. As a busy Director & Entrepreneur I've found that spending some time to meditate helps to de-clutter my mind, organise my thoughts and sharpens my thinking. It is also an effective antidote to the stresses and strains of running a start-up business."




"I've just completed a six-week course with Martin who showed us different techniques to meditate.  I found the whole course thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational.   I definitely feel calmer in myself and my work colleagues have noticed a difference in me too.

I would highly recommend this course."


Linda Farnham - NHS Worker


 "Martin was amazing at helping us learn different techniques of meditation. I learnt that there are no right or wrong ways to meditate. In my busy lifestyle,group meditation helped me to focus on my goals and achieve productive results. I no longer feel that I lack confidence in growing my new venture. I highly recommend meditation for relaxation.


Thank you Martin for an organised weekly sessions of six lessons. I will be using your book to continue the meditation practice".


 J. Raj 


"I work in pre-sales for a major tecnhnogly company, and quite often find that I'm overwhelmed with stress. This has a tendency to spill into my personal life as well. I decided to give the 6weeks course run by Martin ago. I'm not normally into this kind of things, however I'm glad that I did the course. Martin was able to ease me into meditation, and taught me a number of different meditation techniques. After completing the course I continued to meditate, especially when stressed, and started to find that I was coping better in my life.

I would highly recommend this course, especially to anyone feeling overwhelmed either in their personal and/or work life."


A Duncan


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